1/200 Yamato / Musachi gold plus extra détails

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1/200 Yamato / Musachi gold  plus extra détails
Provides the following fittings: two see-through grilles for the sides of the aft main deck, assorted see-through ventilator grilles for the superstructure, 3-D relief-etched aircraft trolley track rails and turntables with drilling jig, 32 25mm gun bases, 30 assorted watertight doors, assorted deck hatches, two hawsepipes covers, three strips of bridge window frames, six life buoys with two release racks, four correctly detailed searchlight bases, 15 detailed inclined ladders in four sizes, ten leadsman's and sounding platforms in two styles, two foghorn platforms, a full set of 25mm ammunition box covers, 24 boat oars, two Type 21 "GO" radar braces, and blast bag baskets. Complements No. 200-1 Yamato shipset.


Fits Nichimo Yamato kit..
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