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Following a message from Loren Perry (see below), head of Gold Medal Models, it is no longer possible for individuals or professionals to purchase the naval range if you live outside the USA.

Therefore, here is the list of what we have in stock. If you are interested, I suggest you hurry up as no restocking is possible.

Cable reels assortment
16.95 €(16.95 €)
1/350 Cuirassé Mikasa 1905
114.95 €(114.95 €)
10.95 €(10.95 €)
Rambardes ultra fines
29.95 €(29.95 €)
Cuirassé USS New Jersey
25.95 €(25.95 €)

Message from Loren Perry:

My recent 75th birthday combined with my increasingly deteriorating health is now causing undeniable changes in the continued existence of Gold Medal Models.

My wife and I spoke yesterday and decided to begin the process of closing GMM. The first items to go will be the entire line of model boats. From now on, no restocking will be ordered and existing stock will be sold until sold out. The N and HO scale model train lines will continue as before and stock will continue to be ordered as necessary.

My wife is convinced that she cannot continue the boat line on her own and, as we have no descendants to pass things on to, we will simplify the load considerably for her sake.

The ship part of the business has seen a steady decline in orders over the last few years and there is no financial incentive to continue it. Production costs have continued to rise, forcing us to raise our prices to pay the bills, and many competitors have diluted the market for everyone. More and more high-end kits are now providing their own EP details, so demand has fallen further.

Due to my lung condition, I barely have enough physical energy left to fill orders and pack products. Being very specialised, the boat detailing line requires a certain amount of technical knowledge and experience to successfully meet the customers' wants and needs. Just knowing where to look for the necessary information in my extensive research library is a major challenge. My wife does not have these skills (which take years to learn and work on), so that will be the end of the GMM ship line.

In contrast, the model train rigging line is very simple and easy to grasp by someone with only basic skills and the work is much easier to learn. Shipping is easier because of the small size and light weight of the products.

In the future, I will regularly update our online price list and order form. To date, the vast majority of the ship detail kits are in stock and only a small number are sold out. More kits will be sold out in the coming weeks and months. Sold out items will be marked "SOLD OUT" in place of their former price on our online price list. Anyone ordering a sold out item after this date will be refunded immediately in the same way they paid, i.e. by cheque or via PayPal.

Overseas orders will no longer be accepted or processed due to paperwork and additional charges. This includes any country requiring customs forms such as Canada or Mexico. This is also effective immediately.

I will not be able to answer many questions regarding this situation and I hope and pray that you understand. Any answers I can give will be brief and to the point.

Loren Perry

Gold Medal Models

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