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(Code: PE 2001)
74,95 €
1/200 Russie, destroyer Sovremenny, presque deux planches A4! PE 2001

Includes 2 sheets, with one sheet thicker than the other to provide details in various degrees of fineness relating to the size of the structure being modelled.  The finer sheet is A4 size.  The second, thicker sheet is 2/3 A4 size.  Every possible detail we could think of is crammed into these two sheets (we have CD's full of "official" photos and drawings of the Soviet Fleet that we have been working from), and you will find extremely fine relief etching throughout our computer-aided designs.  You will find that the instructions supplied will require no impossible-to-find extra reference material to be acquired by the modeller.


Contains: 4 Bar Main Deck Railing, 3 Bar Generic Railing, 2 Bar Mast Platform Railing, Bow Railing Rear Ends, Bow Railings, UHF Antenna Assembly, "Prim Wheel" Antenna, Folded Accommodation Ladders, Mast Platform Weather Vanes, "Top Steer" Radar Front Screen, "Top Steer" Rear Screen Backs, "Top Steer" Front Screen Backs, "Top Steer" Front Mounting, IFF Antenna, Fregat Radar Half Plate, Fregat Radar Full Plate, Half Plate Back Frame, Full Plate Back Frame, Half Plate End Frame, Full Plate End Frame, Fregat Radar IFF Mounting, IFF Mounting Supports, "Top Steer" Radar Rear Screen, "Top Steer" Radar Seperator Frames, "Cage Bare" Antenna, Fregat Radar Mounting Footplate, Foremast Front Platform Assembly, Shtil Missile Launcher Footplates, Mainmast Mid Platform, Funnel Front Platform Support, Mainmast Top Aft Antenna, Foremast Side Platforms Assembly, Mainmast Yardarm Assembly, Foremast Platform Aft Antenna Support, Foremast Lower Walkway, Flight Deck Helo Restraint Net, Mainmast Top Side Antennas, Replacement Inclined ladders, "Pop Art" Antenna, Footplate Handrails, AK 130 Turret Footsteps, Radome Platform Supports, Narrow Vertical Ladders, Vertical Ladder with Brackets, Cage Antenna Assembly,3 Bar Solid Railing, Mainmast Front Panel, Telescopic Hangar Tracks, Foremast Platform Aerial Spreader, DF Loop Antenna, Mainmast Rear Panel, Mainmast Starboard Side Panel, Mainmast Port Side Panel, Fregat Radar Monting Bracket, Helicopter Rotor Hub Parts, Helicopter Control Star Parts, Helicopter Rotor Blades, Helicopter Tail Fins, AK 130 Turret Front Railing, 3 Bar Solid Rail Ends, AK 130 Gun Barrel Coolant Pipes, Flight Deck Net Frame, Foremast Side Platform Supports, Flight Deck Safety Nets, Shoreside Gangway Assembly, Siren Mounting Bracket, Foremast Starboard Side Platform Bracket, "Top Steer" Radar Rear A Frame, "Top Steer" Radar Rear Screen Mounting, "Top Steer" Radar Rear, Transducer Probe, Transducer Probe Rear Plate, "Top Steer" Radar IFF Antenna Mounting, "Top Steer" Radar Centre Bracket, "Top Steer" Radar Front Screen Tranducer, Access Doors, Main Watertight Doors

(Code: PE 2002)
84,95 €
1/200 USS Arizona pour kit Trumpeter PE 2002
Contains: Fret A, Stock 3-Bar Railing, Railing (Fantail Forward), Railing (Radar Platform D26), Railing (Platform D17), Railings ( Main Deck Forward), Railing (Catwalk Platforms F33/F34/F35), Railings (Platforms D1 & D2), Railings (Fo’c’sle), Railing (Platform D20), Railings (Main Mast Platform E16),  Railings (Mainmast Platform E23), Railings (Platform A6), Railings (Main Deck Aft), Railings (Funnel Platform B41), Railings (Platforms A22 & A23), Railing (Catapult Catwalk F40), Railing (Fantail Aft), Railings (Mainmast Platform E13), Railings (Gun Deck Sections), Railings (Signal Deck C15), Funnel Cap Grille, Railings (Gun Deck Aft), Railings (Funnel Platforms B42 & B43), Railings (Conning Tower Deck C14), Railings (Director Platform D15), Railings (Main Mast Platform E21), Railings (Bridge Deck C5), Ship's Boats Name Plates, Ship's Stern Names, Motor Boat Parts, 5” Gun Mount Front Railings, 5” Gun Mount Layers' Handwheels, Ship's Bell Brackets, Main Turret Blast Bag Retainer Strips, Stock Vertical Ladder, OS2U Kingfisher Floatplane Parts, Main Turret Top Rails. Fret B, Mainmast Tripod Leg Ladders, 30’ Whaleboat Thwarts, 26” Whaleboat Fittings, Fantail Double Ladders H12, Inclined Ladders G39, Inclined Ladder E20, Paravane Parts, Inclined Ladders H12, Inclined Ladders H21, Inclined Ladder G41 (Upper), Inclined Ladders G42, Inclined Ladder G41 (Lower), Inclined Ladder E19, Incl;ined Ladders H21, Inclined Ladder D27, Casemate Shutters, Boat Crane Jib Braces, Crane Jib Cross Bracing F2 & F4, Crane Jib Cross Bracing F1 & F3, Hull Blister Top Braces, Funnel Antenna Spreader, .50 cal. Machine Gun Sights & Brace, .50 cal. Machine Gun Magazines, 40’ Motor Launch Fittings, 50’ Motor Launch Fittings, Inclined Ladder G43 (Upper), Hawser Reel, .50 cal. Handlebars, Inclined Ladder G43 (Lower), Cantilever Foremast Yardarms, Flag Locker Tops, Life Raft Paddles, Crane Jib Cross Bracing H29, No.3 Turret Barbette Handrail, Floatplane Catapult Cradle, Hawsepipe Grilles, Life Raft Bases, No.2 Turret Barbette Handrail, Range Clocks, Deck Hatch Canvas Covers, Safety Nets Mainmast Yards E3 to E6, Inclined Ladders H11, 5” Gun Layers' Seats, Crane Jib Sides F5 and F6 (Optional), Inclined Ladders H16, Accommodation Ladder Davit & Rig, Accommodation Ladder Steps & Landings, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Safety Net Mainmast Part E17, Catapult Aft Perforated Catwalks F33/F34/F35, Hull Blister Inspection Hatches, Catapult Perforated Catwalk F40, Docking Keel Templates (Inner), Hull Blister Inspection Hatches, Docking Keel Templates (Outer), No.2 Turret Barbette Frame, No.3 Turret Barbette Frame.
(Code: PE 2005)
7,95 €
1/200 USS Arizona, Chemin de chaîne (à utiliser avec les ponts en bois) PE 2005

WEM 1/200 USS Arizona Anchor Deck Plates (PE 2005). 

For use with wooden deck plates.

(Code: PE 2006)
11,95 €
1/200 Sovremenny 956E, détaillage supplémentaire PE 2006
Contains: RBU Tube Fuzing Cable, Mainmast Top Platform, Mainmast Radome Platforms, DF Loop Antenna, DF Antenna Side Loops, Mainmast Rear and Side Lattices, UHF Antennas, Mainmast Front Lattice, Unrep Jib Mounting Bracket, Unrep Platform (Port), Unrep Connection Plate (Port), Unrep Platform (Starboard), Unrep Connection Plate (Starboard), Yardarm Lattice Lower Frame (Port), Yardarm Lattice Lower Frame (Starboard), Yardarm Lattice (Port), Yardarm Lattice (Starboard), UHF Antenna Box, RBU Fuzing Cables, UHF Antenna Platform.
(Code: PE 2012)
31,95 €
1/200 Bismarck, détails drome d'embarcation PE 2012

WEM 1/200 Bismarck Boat Fittings (PE 2012)

Includes: Fittings for the 11m Launch--Bench Seat Top, Bollard Cluster, Bench Seat Sides, Steering Wheel, Canopy Frames, Canopy Side Frames, Helmsman's Seat, Forward Deck Hatch, Cockpit Canopy, Engine Bay Hatch, Safety Rails, Bench Seat Aft Side, Well Deck Assembly, Main Deck; Fittings for 11m Admiral's Gig--Well Deck & Cabin Sides, Safety Rails, Forward Box Seats, Cabin Canopy, Bench Seat Top, Helmsman's Seat, Forward Bay Hatch, Steering Wheel, Bollard Cluster, Engine Bay Hatch, Windscreen, Grab Rails, Bench Seat Sides, Well Deck Steps, Life Belt, Main Deck; Fittings for the 9m Captain's Gig--Helmsman's Seat, Life Belt, Main Deck, Forward Bay Hatch, Safety Rails, Well Deck & Cabin Sides, Cabin Canopy, Well Deck Steps, Aft Bench Seat, Engine Bay Hatch, Forward Bench Seats, Windscreen, Steering Wheel, Bollard Clusters, Aft Bench Seat Sides, Grab Rails; Fittings for the 8m Long Boats--Thwarts, Decking Boards, Rudders; Fittings for the 6m Long Boat--Thwarts, Decking Boards, Rudder; Large Propellers for 11m Boats, Small Propellers for 9m Boats, Retainer Strap with Buckle, Retainer Strap, Boat Tie Down Eyes, Boat Lifting Eyes, Oars for Long Boats

(Code: PE 2013)
18,95 €
1/200 Bismarck équipement manutention hydravions PE 2013

WEM 1/200 Bismarck Aircraft & Handling Gear (PE 2013)

Includes: Catapult Extension Catwalk (Starboard), Railing Insert, Catapult Extension Supports, Catapult Extension Cross Beams, Catapult Extension Catwalk (Port), Twin MG 15 Machine Guns, Launch Cradle Framework, Launch Cradle Trolley, Handling Trolley Centre Beam, Handling Trolley Floor, Handling Trolley Hand Holds, Handling Trolley Steady Boxes, Handling Trolley Wheels, Ar-196 Pilot's Instrument Panel, Ar-196 Control Column, Ar-196 Cabin Bulkhead, Ar-196 Wireless Desk, Ar-196 Cockpit Floor & Sides, Ar-196 Pilot's Seat Support, Ar-196 Pilot's Seat, Ar-196 Crewman's Seat, Ar-196 Canopy Frame, Ar-196 Float Leg Foot Steps, Ar-196 Wire Antenna Mast, Ar-196 Pitot Tube Mast, Catapult Extension Wheels, Ar-196 Wing Fold Plates, Inner, Ar-196 Wing Fold Plates, Outer, Ar-196 Forward Float Strut Braces, Ar-196 Rear Float Strut Braces

(Code: PE 2014)
14,95 €
1/200 Bismarck Radars (Bismarck & Tirpitz) PE 2014
WEM 1/200 Bismarck Radars (Bismarck & Tirpitz) (PE 2014)
(Code: PE 2015)
12,95 €
1/200 Bismarck, armement anti-aérien PE 2015

WEM 1/200 Bismarck AA Guns (PE 2015)

Includes: 1. Main Turret Rangefinder Sight Doors

2. Main Turret Rangefinder Sight Lens
3. Main Turret Front Sliding Hatches
4. Secondary Turret Rangefinder Doors
5. Secondary Turret Rangefinder Lens
6. Secondary Turret Front Sliding Hatches
7. 105 mm LC37 Mounting Comms Loop Wires
8. 105mm LC30 Mount Comms Loop Wires
9. 105mm Mount Fuze Setters
10. Main Turret Side Comms Loop Wires
11. 105mm Gun Breech Plates
12. B & C Main Turret Comms Loop Wires
13. B & C Main Turret Comms Loop Wires
14. A & D Main Turret Comms Loop Wires
15. A & D Main Turret Comms Loop Wires
16. 20mm Single AA Gun Mount Fittings
17. 37mm Twin AA Gun Mount Fittings
18. Spare Grab Handles
19. Spare Breach Plates
20. 20mm Single Pedestal Mount Fittings
21. 20mm Flak Vierling Fittings

(Code: PE 2016)
32,95 €
1/200 Bismarck, portes et écoutilles (Bismarck & Tirpitz) PE 2016

WEM 1/200 Bismarck Doors & Hatches (Bismarck & Tirpitz) (PE 2016)

Includes: Vent Grilles Forward Superstructure Z1 Forward Section Port Side, Vent Grilles Forward Superstructure Z1 Forward Section Starboard Side, Vent Grilles Aft Superstructure Z2 Port Side, Vent Grilles Aft Superstructure Z2 Starboard Side, Vent Grilles Forward Superstructure Z1 Aft Sections, Vent Grilles Forward Superstructure Part Z3, Vent Grilles Aft Superstructure Part Z4 Port Side, Vent Grilles Aft Superstructure Part Z4 Starboard Side, Vent Grilles Aft Superstructure Part A2, Vent Grilles Forward Superstucture Part Z5,  Vent Grilles (Small Square 1.5 x 1.5mm), Fire Hose Baskets, Small Oval Access Hatches (Right Hand Opening), Small Vent Grilles (Rectangular), Small Oval Access Hatches (Left Hand Opening), Large Oval Access Hatches (Left Hand Opening), Large Oval Access Hatches (Right Hand Opening), Vent Grilles (Rectangular Side Opening), Small Vent Grilles (Rectangular), Watertight Doors (Plain), Watertight Doors (View Port), Watertight Doors (View Port Hatch), Watertight Doors (Braced View Port Hatch), Storage Locker Doors, Ammunition Locker Doors, Large Deck Hatches, Door Opening Bars, Fire Hoses.

(Code: PE 2017)
6,95 €
WEM 1/200 Bismarck Sea Chest Intake Grilles (PE 2017).