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Dear customers,

The VAT rules have changed since July 1st 2021 for the European countries.

L'Arsenal is unfortunately affected by this new measure, which is very complicated to follow and to implement.

Here is a summary of the changes that this will mean for your purchases:

- Only customers from the European Union (except France) are concerned. For French customers and customers living in other countries, there is no change.

- All items sold on the site will be subject to the VAT rate of the buyer's country. This implies an increase.

- L'Arsenal will not receive any money for this "increase", this additional amount is only composed of taxes which will be entirely paid back to each country of the buyers.

In order to partially compensate for this sudden and bad news, L'Arsenal is offering a 10% discount to all L'Arsenal customers (regardless of their country of residence) until July 18th. To benefit from this offer, enter the code "TVA" in the box "discount code".

I wish you all the best for your projects,


1/144 Invasion stripes
14.95 €(14.95 €)
1/200 Invasion stripes
11.95 €(11.95 €)
1/350 Invasion stripes
9.95 €(9.95 €)
1/400 Invasion stripes
7.95 €(7.95 €)
1/700 Invasion stripes
5.95 €(5.95 €)
1/144 Black boot lines
19.95 €(19.95 €)
1/200 Black boot lines
14.95 €(14.95 €)
1/350 Black boot lines
9.95 €(9.95 €)
1/400 Black boot lines
7.95 €(7.95 €)
1/700 Black boot lines
5.95 €(5.95 €)

In addition to l’Arsenal “New products”, you can also watch our future models still at the design stage by going to:

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