Mikasa pour kit Hasegawa 1/350

(Code: PE 3586)
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Mikasa pour kit Hasegawa 1/350
Contains: Replacement Aft Bridge Wing Deck Plate, Replacement Bridge Wing Deck Plate, Alternate Aft Bridge Wing Assembly, Alternate Aft Bridge Wing Assembly Frame, Replacement Aft Superstructure Deck Plate, Replacement Forward Superstructure Deck Plate, Hawse Pipe Grates, Rear Bridge Wing Supports (Early), Rear Bridge Support Cross Braces (Intermediate), Rear Bridge Wing Supports (Intermediate), Front Bridge Wing Supports, Front Bridge Wing Support Cross Braces, Stern Platform, Stern Angled Platforms, Boat Cradles E2, Funnel Cover Grilles, Upper Circular Fighting Tops, Lower Circular Fighting Tops, Solid Splinter Shield for Circular Platforms, Railings for Circular Platforms, Boat Cradles E1, Oval Fighting Top (Mainmast), Oval Fighting Top ( Foremast), Railings for Oval Fighting Tops, Oval Fighting Top Support Brackets, Stern Walk Railing, Stern Walk Name Plate, Stern Walk Canopy, Stern Walk Deck, Upper Yardarm Footropes, Lower Yardarm Footropes, Large Lower Yardarm Footropes, Double Doors, Large Access Covers, Single Doors, Replacement Bridge Roof, Replacement Bridge Side and Rear, Replacement Bridge Side and Front, Bridge Wooden Doors, Boat Cradles E11, Extended Rear Bridge Roof Platform, Extended Rear Bridge Roof Railings, Replacement Rear Bridge Back & Side, Replacement Rear Bridge Front & Side, Replacement Rear Bridge Roof & Railings, Large Double Doors, 4.7cm Gun Shields, Cowl Ventilator Grilles, Funnel Handrails, Torpedo Net Shelf (Forward Section), Torpedo Net Shelf Supports, Torpedo Net Shelf (Centre Section), Torpedo Net Shelf (Aft Section), 7.6cm Gun Shields, Boat Cradles E14 & E3, Replacement Cable Reels G27, Replacement Cable Reels G26, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Accommodation Ladder Davit Link, Accommodation Ladder Steps, Main Turret Spray Shield, Large Centre Gunport Covers, Large Outer Gunport Covers, Large Forward & Aft Gunport Covers, Small Gunport Covers, Forward Funnel Siren Platform, Stern Deck Hatches, Boat Cradles G29, Boat Cradles L20, Boat Cradles G6, Shelter Deck Double Hatches (2-Light), Shelter Deck Plain Hatch Covers, Large Pinnace Fittings, Shelter Deck Large Long Skylight, Shelter Deck Small Long Skylights, Shelter Deck Single Hatches (Single-Light), Shelter Deck Long Row Skylights, Shelter deck Short Row Skylights, Shelter Deck Double Hatch ( Single-Light), Shelter Deck Single Hatch (Single-Light), Fo'c'sle Hatches (Single-Light), Fo'c'sle Hatches ( Double-Light), Inclined Ladders L35, Inclined Ladders L33, Inclined Ladders Funnel Houses, Inclined Ladders L37, Inclined Ladders L34, Inclined Ladders L32, Inclined Ladders L36, Boat Davit Tackle L21 & L22, Pipe Railing (Bridge Wings), Pipe Railing (Aft Superstructure Deck), Pipe Railing (Forward Superstructure Deck), Chain Railing (Stern Sections), Chain Railings (Fo'c'sle Sections), Pipe Rail (Forward Funnel House), Pipe Rail (Aft Funnel House), Covered Pipe Railing (Extended Aft Bridge Wings), Pipe Railing (Extended Aft Bridge Wings), Chain Railing (Boat Deck Inner), Chain Railing (Boat Deck Outer), Covered Pipe Railing (Aft Bridge Wings), Pipe Railing (Aft Bridge Wings), Boat Davit Tackle L23.